get away…without going anywhere

by pieces of moments

We go on retreat for so many other things in life – why don’t we ever go on retreat for ourselves? It sounds so trite, but our lives are so full of obligations and mysteriously perpetual to-do lists that sometimes you just need to find your inner Zach Morris and use your powers to take a time out. I think it is especially important for those of us in creative fields to take space and just meditate on observing for a while. Recalibrate.

So what exactly does a personal retreat look like?

§ Luxuriously basking in sunshine and fresh air without any idea what time it is

§ Reading for pure pleasure

§ Chopping up veggies just because you have the time

§ Painting without purpose or aim

§ Letting any music you hear wash over you, seep into you, without analyzing it

§ Lounging poolside

§  Catching up with friends

§ Practicing silence

§ Allowing thoughts and inspirations to float around like butterflies, logging and categorizing those to document and keep

§ Sipping coffee or tea in china cups rather than trying not to spill it running for the bus

…and so forth.

Your personal retreat might look completely different (seeing as it’s personal and all).

I hope you take one, too. Late summer is a good time.