notes from the shore

by pieces of moments

Don’t reset your browser…I’m actually typing something. I know, it’s been a while since I penned more than 10 words. But I didn’t toss you out to sea.

I’ve been trying to cultivate a lazy summer, and for the most part I’ve been decently successful – at least for a month of it. But I’ve been having a blast writing for some new clients, so I can’t complain even a little bit about having less lazy than I anticipated. I’ve traveled a bit, paid overdue visits to the pool, enjoyed some boating, read a terrific new piece of fiction, and been having a summer fling (so to speak) with the farmer’s market. Don’t you just love the farmer’s market? I’ve been sustained by fresh produce eaten raw. My kitchen has been sparkling clean for weeks! It’s not that I don’t like cooking – I do – but it’s such a drag to cook when it’s hot outside, don’t you agree? It’s delightful to live off the land (well, through a series of skilled surrogate farmers). Every Saturday I look forward to these pears. They are above and beyond any other pear you have ever had, I assure you. Have you ever had Forelles? They are perfectly crisp and sweet.

I’ve also recently been enjoying Kinfolk Magazine. They are cultivating intimacy, conversation, and the general art of relishing. When was the last time you relished something?

Speaking of relishing: Carl Friedrich Abel’s viola da gamba suites. Have you heard them? Everyone listen’s to Bach’s cello suites, and rightly so, but change it up with Abel. Just listen to this. It’s dark, mellow, and rich with the recollection of some past sweetness. Burnt sugar.