rites of spring

by pieces of moments

  • Have you heard about The Bad Plus taking on arranging Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring? Check it out.
  • This afternoon I went to see The Adjustment Bureau, which I was inspired to see because of this Washington Post article regarding the use of dance in the movie. It’s an absolutely terrific film – one without gratuitous anything (how refreshing to have ever moment used smartly), though the ending was a tiny bit to tie-up-in-a-bow for my taste. Regardless, go see it.
  • How cute are these cars? I want to drive them to the market and pack the back seats with tulips whenever it finally decides to get warm around here (for now, it continues to be dismally cold).
  • Recently I had the chance to sit down with Seth Boustead of Access Contemporary Music in Chicago to talk about their Sound of Silent Film Festival. You can read my preview of the event here.
  • Didn’t get to go to SXSW? Never fear – you can watch performances over at All Songs Considered (they’ve always got our backs).
  • I was ambling through a used bookshop today and picked The Unconsoled by Kazuo Ishiguro, whose Never Let Me Go (book is so much better than the movie, btw) I adored, in a painful, emotion wrenching kind of way.
  • A friend of mine and his brother are a dynamite design team. Check out their brilliant ipad case here. Perfect for taking it out and about, perhaps picnic side?
  • WOW. Sign me up.