voice of a generation

by pieces of moments

A friend was recently relaying a story to me about being at a party with students from the Art Institute of Chicago (hipsters, mostly) where the Arcade Fire song “Sprawl II” popped up on the playlist. Everyone spontaneously raised their voices forming a binding chain reciting the lyrics. That’s not the first time their performances have sparked public sing-alongs.

Arcade Fire = Anthemic.

An entire disenchanted generation waiting for a rebirth of wonder, bored to tears by too many options, sitting dizzy on the axis of a world seemingly spinning out of control, constantly enjoying the convenience of the virtual but consistently wondering what’s real, have found a voice through their songs. And we’re all singing along because speaking just isn’t sufficient when you’re hoping someone far away will hear you, and tell you they understand.

Here they are in their most recent SNL appearance. Second performance (Sprawl II) starts around the 48 minute point. Good to see Owen Pallett back with the band, too.

Vodpod videos no longer available.