by pieces of moments

In Chicago it’s amazingly windy. I guess that’s what you get for building a city of massive skyscrapers on a grid (read: wind tunnels) on the shores of a lake.

It’s been incredibly busy around the Pieces of Moments office, with deadlines and concerts, reviews to write, interviews to conduct, rehearsals to oversee, and you know, eating and sleeping. Tomorrow will be my first day “off” since a week ago Monday. I’ve been looking forward to it immensely. There will be tennis played and chicken stock created before a little party. Oh the bliss of doing nothing for a little while.

Speaking of parties, if you are lucky enough to be in the great city of New York in November, head over to Le Poisson Rouge on the night of the 10th for their “Arvo Pärty” celebrating the birth of the composer. I love a cheeky title, don’t you?