a handful of dust

by pieces of moments

Last week I was fortunate to catch a glimpse of the so-called ‘Super Harvest Moon,’ a rare autumnal equinox occurrence when a full moon (key factor) rises at the exact moment the sun sets. It basically creates a hall of mirrors effect with the bittersweet tangerine glow of the last sunset of summer. It was glorious – truly magical. If you missed it, imagine what the world would look like if the most beautiful sunset you can remember surrounded you in a 360 degree embrace.

Don’t you love moments like that? Impossible to capture. Ephemeral. It reminds me of one of my favorite Emily Dickinson lines: “true poems flee.”

In that spirit, here is something temporary, yet stunning: intricate patterns artistically crafted by Hannah Bertram from dust:

The Silence of Becoming and Disappearing

{photo via pjb}