s p a r k l e

by pieces of moments

Had a terrific holiday weekend – did you? Summary: best friends // great jazz // great food // great shopping. That’s about all you need to know. We friends (besties from undergrad) go on annual (or semi-annual) seasonal “get-aways,” and since this was The Great Summer Get-Away 2010: Chicago Edition we celebrated by freaking out with Silly Bandz. They’re the craze of the 2010 summer, after all.

. . .

Well, perhaps I should let you know that the great music was seeing Brad Mehldau (Trio). He’s got such an amazingly light but crisply precise touch on the keyboard. It’s like he’s the jazz equivalent to a croissant: buttery, smooth, light, but exact.

. . .

Speaking of trios, Blonde Redhead is poised to come out with a new album in September [side note: have you noticed trios with two dudes and one half-Asian girl – like Blonde Redhead – are super awesome (two words: Karen O)? Props to my fellow half-Asian peeps]. I love their music so much – definitely in my top 5 favorite bands of all time. Remember when I got to see them live a few years ago? Hope that history repeats itself. In the meantime, I’m really enjoying listening to Penny Sparkle on NPR. Check it out. They’ve chilled down a little bit for this one, and it works beautifully.

Maybe it’s a greater movement of chill? Maybe like the re-re-birth of cool? I say that because I’ve been slow jammin’ to SALEM’s album, King Night. Have you heard it???? Write it down. Put it on the list.