behind the scenes

by pieces of moments

So it’s Emmy night. I’m very fortunate to have been a part of an (two time) Emmy Award winning team when I worked at From the Top. Here’s something fun: I’m watching the live stream of the backstage action on, knowing that Don Mischer Productions – the team with which we worked when filming in Carnegie Hall for our own tv shows – often produces the Emmy show, and there he was at the control board calling the shots!

I love being backstage…it’s almost always way more interesting than being in front. It’s also the place that’s the most human and normal. Out on stage, or in front of cameras rolling film the performance takes over, but backstage everyone is just a person again, doing their work…even if their work just happens to be kind of extraordinary. Backstage is the enchanting place where both worlds (reality and make believe) collide.

I love that in-between: the neither or.