La La La

by pieces of moments

I’m not even going to pretend like I’m all chill about this: I’m freakin’ going to be at Lollapalooza in a few days (my first time there!) and I’m excited. They put the sign up in Grant Park today and that’s when it hit me: I’m getting an artist pass! Woohoo!!! The only bummer is that my cousin Josh is on the coast and I wish he could be here for it. Hello? Lollapalooza PAs? I need you to purchase a plane ticket, thanks.

Speaking of Lolla…Arcade Fire is playing there this Sunday night. I’ve been listening to their new album, “The Suburbs,” all day long (thank you NPR!!!). Check it out. I really love that they are intentional about producing albums that are meant to be heard as a whole piece from the first track to the last, rather than basically writing to the public penchant for purchasing tracks piecemeal on itunes. Did you see this article about how Spiritualized’s NYC concert included a play-through of the entire “Ladies and gentlemen we are floating in space” album? Fantastic. Wish I could have been there for that.

After a long-ish day of getting stuff ready for that, amongst many other things, I sliced up a tomato fresh out of a friend’s garden and arranged the discs on some wheat bread veiled with a wisp of butter and little fresh basil, sea salt, and freshly cracked peppercorns. Oh, and then there was tea, of course – some really amazing tea from Uganda another friend brought back for me several months ago. Ahhhh.

Here’s a good idea: my friend, Charlotte, who works for Miller Theater, hosted an informal evening of fun historical facts about the theater. She was telling me this afternoon that Charles Ives’ Unanswered Question premiered at Miller, and Merce Cunningham danced on its stage, and Aaron Copland played piano in a premiere performance of the Emily Dickinson songs. We often forget about the importance of a space. I became much more aware of it after working with architects in NYC for a summer. I highly recommend hanging around architects for a few months, it really changes the way you view your physical relationship to the world. Anyway, I wish more institutions would give little “did you know this happened here?” chats more frequently. Bring the archivists out from the vaults, kids! Give ’em a glass and let everyone mingle!

In contrast, there was this debacle. Oh. Snap.

Flipping through the NY Times (one of my Ultimate Favorite Pastimes) I came across the article about the wedding planner for Chelsea Clinton’s wedding. That picture of him is fantastic. It’s just dripping with perfect New England summer-ness. I miss those New England summers. They seriously are impossibly charming – all those seaside towns filled with people eating lobster rolls whilst wearing Lacoste and (anything) madras.

I guess it’s probably okay for me to tell you now that it’s past that one of my friends works for the event planner, and thus was at the wedding of the choose-your-time-span. (No, I know nothing, so don’t ask.) The brother of a friend of mine also worked THE wedding. He was hired as one of the wedding photographers. Small world, I guess.

That’s a lobster roll I enjoyed (tennis) court side in Newport, Rhode Island once upon a perfect summertime. Speaking of Newport, I was clicking through the photos from the folk festival on NPR. Great line-up.

I’ve been contemplating a new haircut. But the thing I’ve learned so far about Chicago is it seems the humidity is pretty high most of the time in the summer. So let’s do the math: naturally curly hair+constant humidity = lots of putting the hair up. My other alternative right now is to chop it all off again. I remain undecided. Chatted with my friend Michael, an actor out in LA, about his work on Water for Elephants…and the haircut they gave him for the movie that he’s only mildly pleased about. I think it’s working for him though, don’t you?  Watch out, RPatz. Way to rock the scene, M. And honestly, I like the hair.

I feel like my little missives to you have been spastic lately. My brain has been extra spastic the last couple of weeks. What happened to my summer chill!?

Since things are already getting out of control, let’s throw this into the mix: Kanye joins Twitter. Oh, the madness.