España campeones del mundo olé olé olé

by pieces of moments

{photo via NY Times}

{Torres campeón photos via}

“This is the proper way for a World Cup to end — with a real goal, not the necessary but sour punctuation of penalty kicks. That solution was looming as Fernando Torres, who had become an injured bench-warmer as the tournament progressed, came on as a late substitute. Torres, who scored the goal that won the European championship in 2008, showed his grit, controlling a ball in the left corner and sending it toward the center. He had not even warmed up with his teammates before the game, standing around like a man who knew he was not going to play.

But Torres is part of this greatest generation of Spain, that perpetual underachiever that had never even played a semifinal match in a World Cup until it slayed the potent dragon of Germany on Wednesday night in Durban.

The Spanish have often wobbled and folded, despite their talent. But this is a team that earned its World Cup victory and brought glory to its nation by playing intelligent and hard and brave soccer…Spain has waited a long time. For the next four years, Spain is the champion.” – George Vecsey, NY Times

Congratulations Fernando Torres and España!!!