by pieces of moments

My favorite futbol player in the world is Fernando Torres. Not to get all swoopy-goopy, but this whole “will he, won’t he” be in the line-up this Sunday for the final is feeling oddly personal. He’s still healing from his injury and surgery, and hasn’t been quite showing his full-force-power over the course of World Cup thus far.

I keep thinking about how he must be mentally re-playing that epic moment when he won for Spain in Eurocup 08. There’s a moment in the video here where his face portrays the intoxicating elixir of pride that comes from clocking thousands of hours of hard work, and awe that a moment of transcendence was granted in return. It’s such a special feeling, and I’m very blessed to have felt that reward for my own hard work at times. But I also know what it’s like to be where Torres is now, being thrown a curve ball and having to deal with the ebb while wondering, “what happened to the flow?” Tough stuff.

I really hope he gets the chance.

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