1:16 AM

by pieces of moments

Can’t sleep (again…again). Solution? Eating an impeccably ripe avocado whilst I’m switching back and forth listening to Schumann’s Symphony No. 2 on WQXR’s “Overnight Music” and Alvin Curran’s Songs and Views of the Magnetic Garden on WQXR’s “Nadia Sirota on Q2” whilst batting a tennis ball around my apartment.

Vaguely reminds me (minus the avocado) of the scene in Dead Poets Society where Mr. Keating has the boys running up to kick a soccer ball while Handel’s Water Music (“Hornpipe,” I believe) plays in the background.


Sporting events + “classical” music = a feeling of indefatigable nobility.

Think of the potential: Wagner’s Die Walküre for the NBA (go Celtics!). Bach Brandenberg Concertos for Wimbledon. Any opera piece for World Cup. Hmmmm…is this the musical equivalent of racial profiling? Well, we could mix it up. These are just warm-up suggestions. Xenakis could work just as well…or Varèse? Stockhausen? Peter Maxwell Davies?

Note to self: insomnia is great for brainstorming.