Menomena phenomena

by pieces of moments

One of the waiters at my favorite cafe is in a local band that you should check out (they played SXSW this year): Yourself and the Air. Fun fact #1: they’re lead singer is half Filipino (holla for us half asians!). Fun fact #2: they’re playing a bunch of shows soon, so if you’re in the area, head on over and enjoy. The Empty Bottle show is on my calendar.

Anyway, we often swap music recommends (I need to ask him what he thinks of the Brahms 3rd symphony) and recently he was like “you have to listen to Menomena.” So, I did. Now their album Friend and Foe has been on heavy rotation in the old ipod. It has one of the more enchanting hidden tracks at the end of it that I’ve heard in a long time. Additionally, there are a couple of piano motifs that return throughout the album, which gives it a wonderful sense of overall cohesion.

It’s so rewarding to listen to albums beginning at track 1 and ending at the last. I haven’t done it in a long time but over the last couple of weeks I’ve been returning to that habit. I’m sure it won’t last, because I enjoy my pick and choose flavor-of-the-moment music rotation as much as anyone else. But man, it’s such a pleasure when you have the time, and when the album rewards you for your time investment with delicious processes and progressions through the course of the hour. And some things just make better sense within context, you know?

Back to Menomena: apparently they have a new album due out this summer. Check ’em out.

“Wet and Rusting”

. . .

“Rotten Hell”