by pieces of moments

I’ve been taking a break from my work and listening to the new MGMT album, which you can listen to in its entirety over at NPR. For some reason, the album is filling me with nostalgia for my carefree high school summer days. Tennis, swimming, watching The Price Is Right with my friend Chad, making quick runs with friends for frozen yoghurt, random food fights, running amuck at music camp, spending an entire hour fixing my waist long hair, leisurely rummaging through my perfume drawer filled to overflowing with a random assortment of high end and drug store fragrances.

Electric power pop on a sunny day.

By the way, an intriguing aspect of this new album, entitled “Congratulations,” is there apparently will be no singles released. MGMT wants its listeners and radio stations to make their own decisions about what they like on the album. I like that. I also like that it gently encourages one to listen to the whole album, an art that is sadly dying in this age of itunes .99 downloads (and I say this as someone who totally indulges in the pick and choose music culture herself).