a humble button

by pieces of moments

I love buttons.

In high school I worked at the local children’s museum (still the best job I’ve ever had…going to work every day to help kids be creative rocked) and one of my co-workers there came from a family of antique dealers. One day we got a donation of a whole lot of buttons. I loved it. Buttons are these tiny little things that can add so much style in such a simple way. My co-worker informed me that buttons used to be made of glass and taught me how to tell if a button is glass or plastic. Turns out, you bite the button. If it’s glass, it hits your teeth with this brittle sensation that sends the vibrations shooting through. If it’s plastic, it creates a dull plunk sensation on the teeth. Nifty, huh? Try it some time. I hope you find a glass button.

Well, glass or plastic, you can use any spare buttons toward something incredibly good.

Anthropologie (my favorite retail store EVER,  and a super cool former place of employment whilst I was in school) is coordinating an event called A Humble Button to benefit Hugs and Kisses Inc., an super awesome organization run by teenagers who raise money in order to help cancer who are in desperate need of some financial assistance.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Donate buttons! I’m going to be collecting my extra buttons and buttons from friends and colleagues. You can mail your button contribution (make sure it gets there by March 22) to:


Attention: Stevin

700  South Rosemary Avenue

South Palm Beach, FL 33401

  • Attend the in-store workshop. Anthropologie will be hosting button bracelet making workshop at that West Palm Beach store on March 26th from 11 AM to 1 PM. Anyone can drop by (and bring buttons if you want) to help make some bracelets to sell for the fundraiser. I talked to their Visual Manager on the phone recently, and it sounds like it’s going to be a really fun event. So, if you live in West Palm Beach, FL, or nearby – go help make some bracelets! Oh, and they’re going to have refreshments for you, too. (Don’t you just love Anthro? Did you know they are owned by Urban Outfitters INC… a company with a soul, for sure). Think you might want to attend? Make sure to RSVP by March 22. You can ring them at 561-805-8770.