little updates

by pieces of moments

Ah…Chicago in the winter. Cold. Gray. Every. Day. Today I walked to Trader Joe’s…in the snow…and bought some watermelon because it just seemed like the only way to survive the remaining days of February. T.S. Eliot said that April is the cruelest month, but really February is a contender if you ask me. I love how the kids at BBC Music Magazine have been handling the situation by suggesting “symphonies-to-survive-February-with.”

At least it’s been fashion week in New York. That’s something. Additionally, how freakin’ awesome is it that Thom Yorke made the play list for the Rag & Bone show in the tents this year? Say what? That lovely gesture warms me in this cold season and makes me want to buy something from Rag & Bone just as a “thank you for being super awesome about music.” Wanna know the playlist? Well, it’s over at bjö (where I also learned that Thom’s fav song ever is Björk’s “Unravel,” which explains why Radiohead covered it that one time) but here it is, too:

SquarepusherFreeman, Hardy, and Willis Acid
ModeselektorDark Side of the Sun
BjörkThe Dull Flame of Desire
Charles MingusII B.S.

It apparently took him 5 months to pick these four songs and put them in this order. Sweet. Now that’s being thorough.

Also something is the exciting news my former Interlochen cabin mate (and an all around super sweet person), Ann Marie Calhoun, recently collaborated with Hans Zimmer on the soundtrack for Sherlock Holmes…that just got nominated for an Oscar!!! Awesome! Congratulations, Ann!!! I’ll be watching and cheering! Combine that with former From the Top guest, Caroline Goulding‘s Grammy nomination this year, and that makes for a pretty awesome 2010 award season.

Speaking of From the Top, I was recently asked to make a little video with some tips on blogging to be used in a teacher workshop for From the Top’s Iowa Makes Music initiative. You can watch it here.

Additionally, you can find me blogging over at Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestras! The content there will be different from the content here, so be sure to check it out here (and thanks to all who left such lovely comments) and visit often!!!