Come On In

by pieces of moments

The Brahms Piano Concerto No. 2 changed my life. It’s true. I heard it when I was in middle school and decided that I had to take my love of music and turn it into a career.

The Brahms Piano Concerto No. 1 is amazing too, however. I’m going to hear it live in performance (with Yefim Bronfman at the piano) at the big hall (CSO’s Symphony Center…complete with fancy new website!) tomorrow night for the First Time Ever (also my First Time Ever to see MTT conducting live in person, my First Time Ever to see Bronfman play live, as well as my First Time Ever to sit in a box at the CSO – so many firsts!).

I have lots of favorite moments in music, or favorite movements of larger pieces. This piano concerto is my favorite entrance of the piano in any piano concerto ever. It’s the simplicity of the arrival pronouncement, and the gentle insistence on its presence with repeating murmuring chords that swirl around the opening pivot. So many pianos enter the concerto with force (hello, Mr. Tchaikovsky?). The fact that Brahms rather chose to tap your ear with quiet insistence is sublime.

Editorial note: check out Andrew Patner’s review of the big show here