sundry of the day

by pieces of moments

Taking a break from some writing assignments to say that I love that this epic ad is for perfume (it’s just too bad that No. 5 is one of my least favorite scents out there). I also lovelovelove Chanel. But…I’m a writer/musician =  I am basically poor, so I can’t afford much other than the fabulously orange-red Chanel nail polish I bought in the summer of 2008. My nails were haute fashion, at least. I don’t want a whole heap of fancy stuff anyway, just a few choice items that are heirloom worthy to dot the closet, you know? Something special. Investment pieces.

It’s snowing again here in Chicagolandia, so I’m comforting myself with the thought that spring clothes will come my way eventually and my hair will look like Mademoiselle Tautou’s by then, too! Win.

I’ve also wanted to take a train trip like that, wouldn’t that be fun? I’ve been in a formal dining car once, but was too little to really enjoy it fully. Perhaps one day.