Simply Fantastic

by pieces of moments

“The whole thing about making espresso is…typically coffee making takes 2.5-4.5 minutes but in this case every variable becomes that much more important because of the very, very short amount of time. There’s so much happening. It’s such a volatile process – it’s kind of a violent thing, extracting espresso. It’s 135 pounds of pressurized water, which is like an adult human being’s body weight being forced through just a tiny wafer of coffee, and any misstep by the barista is going to manifest itself in a cup in a very unpleasant way, and the reason is most people who are preparing it don’t give it that sort of respect that it needs…we take every single step in the chain from seed to cup as seriously as possible and I think that manifests itself in a great cup of coffee.”

This isn’t just about espresso. It’s about craft.

I adore when someone is obsessed with doing something simple extremely well whether it be music, the arts in general, fashion, science, or food. When I lived in Cambridge our neighborhood bar/grill owner was similarly obsessed. Chatting with him on a slow night about the virtues of various foods and wines was always inspiring to my roommate and me. It always made us want to run home and practice. I think that’s what a singularly job well done always does – it inspires others to go on and do the same in their own pursuits.

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