simple gifts

by pieces of moments

We live in a world of distance where all too often the greatest distance is that between each other, whether by force of physical distance or by the bounds of time clamped onto us by our all too busy lives. As time is a valuable commodity, and as writing a letter or preparing a package takes time, the process contains within its action the value placed upon the receiver since something as valuable as time is being spent. My primary love language is quality time, my secondary is words of affirmation, so it’s easy to see that when I am far away from the people I love to spend quality time with and tell them how much they mean to me (and vice-versa…we’re a mutual admiration club), receiving a package is like a little slice of heaven and the hugest of hugs sent via the United States Postal Service.

So, thank you to my delightful cousin, Paige, who sent me some of the best poetry written on the planet accompanied by some delicious foods, and to my fabulous Fellowship girl, Kate, who shipped me some tea and chocolate from Budapest! My first taste of anything from Hungary!

Our lives will never cease to be busy, and in that busyness crouches the danger of ceasing to be. I’ve been there and done that. It’s way not worth it. So, let’s all remember to take time to do the simple things, like just breath, give an extra hug to a friend, tell someone why they matter to you, write a letter, or send a package that will make someone’s day.