weekend remainders

by pieces of moments

Random fragments from the week…

  • Via Alex Ross: Philip Glass was on The Colbert Report. It was hilarious. This, in combination with the fact that Hilary Hahn (who was a guest on From the Top whilst I worked there…she’s a really nice girl) was on Conan O’Brien makes me think that perhaps – just perhaps – we could move toward an ideal world where “classical” musicians are found in the world at large and not just in the elaborate gilded boxes that we call theaters.
  • Talking over repertoire this week reminded me of what was one of the best blog posts of 2008: “Fix This Concert,” a game spontaneously invented by Nico Muhly (et al) after spying some questionable programming. Worth a re-read.
  • A great idea on making your own business cards over at Design*Sponge
  • In the “every day elegance” department, also via Design*Sponge, this picture which is what every morning would look like if I had my way…

  • I’ve been dreaming of home libraries (this one is a little too elaborate…but you get the idea…)
  • I’m lovin’ this Birthday-it-up-Boulez month with the home team (a.k.a. the Chicago Symphony Orchestra)

  • Mark took me on a date to a wine tasting in Long Grove at the Glunz Family Winery & Cellars tasting room, which was the highlight of the week, hands down. If you live in the Chicagoland area you need to stop whatever you are doing, make haste, and get thee to a tasting. It’s the most amazing – and astonishingly affordable – wine I’ve had. If you decide to go to the Long Grove location, be sure to take in the adorable factor of the town. I have to admit that at least one thing I miss about New England is the abundance of charming towns, so if your aesthetic sensibilities are in need of some charm (and wine)…go!
  • My friend Meagan has more talent than any human being should be allowed to have (and I adore her for it!). Her most recent project was working in the production team for “Tom Brokaw presents: American Character Along Highway 50.” It’s airing January 18th on the USA network at 8 PM (EST)
  • Speaking of film…I am super excited about the adaptation of Brook Hauser’s New York Times article “This Strange Thing Called Prom” to film (especially because Jenny Lumet is the screenwriter), but kinda bummed that it’s projected release date is a whole year away. Good things come to those who wait.
  • We’ve been listening to this song practically non-stop. Why? It’s phenomenal.

  • Seat warmers in cars are my favoritest thing ever. EVER.
  • This t-shirt makes me smile like a maniac, and I wish these eight outfits would find their way into my wardrobe. Oh, and these heels, too…um…and these ballet flats.
  • This salad gives me hope that winter will, in fact, be over one day.

Enjoy the weekend! May you be aware of all the little beautiful moments all around you.