a creative life

by pieces of moments

It’s the time of year for being resolute, for setting new goals, or at least having a fresh start at the old ones. Some of the ideas for 2010 goals I’ve been tossing about (which, as you see range from the ridiculous to the sublime) include:

  • various publishing goals
  • getting to be “the pretty one” instead of always being “the smart one”
  • drinking more water
  • getting more sleep
  • taking more photographs
  • doing a headstand without needing a wall
  • winning a certain piano competition I plan upon entering
  • trusting myself more
  • transcribing Renaissance notation into modern notation more regularly
  • growing my hair past my shoulders
  • memorizing more poetry
  • to live at a slower pace/reduce stress inducing activity

Etcetera. Etcetera. Etcetera.

Still settling on a final roll call.

But, one thing I know for sure will be on the “official” list is continuing to push the boundaries of my creativity, and continuing to learn how to cultivate and discipline my creative practice. It’s a life-long progression, after all. For the last few years my life has been insanely busy, and though being creative is one and the same to me as breathing, I had less time to be present and conscientious in my own process. Deadlines happened. Things had to get done. Consequently, I often felt frustrated. This year I want to move creativity up from being ubiquitous to being a priority so that I can inhabit my creativity in a fresh way.

Of course, frustrations will arise, various blocks will jumble up the flow of ideas, you cannot ban those things from happening. Nothing is perfect. This year I am going to keep in mind the idea of being a conduit. I want to view my process from a new perspective and figure out new ways of giving it away, sharing it. I want to be an artist who sees herself within the boundaries of responsibility, acknowledging that the ability to interpret the world around me through the arts is a gift – a gift which I need to pass along. God didn’t give me the gift or responsibility of medicine, or law, but I have to make the best of the one I do posses.