daffodil in your hand

by pieces of moments

Listening to the Dirty Projectors makes me want to eat throbbingly red, juicy, fruit whilst watching water skittering across a hotplate. Yes, that’s my idea of a compliment.

I love them. I have loved them from the moment I heard them open for Grizzly Bear a few years ago in Boston…even though their leader, David Longstreth, drives me utterly insane. But whatever, that’s not what we’re here to discuss.

What I wanted to show you is this segment of an interview with David in which he goes into great length giving an example of how he incorporates the medieval compositional device of hocket in his own compositions for the band. Two things:

1) Why is he not giving this speech at a conservatory? Hello? Conservatories need to host more events like this.

2) “Um…and they did it in like 13th century monk music…Notre Dame, or whatever…” {Um, wow, maybe sound like you could care more? Am I alone in being sick and tired of blasé?}

Commence: hocketing