silence (sorta)

by pieces of moments


{{ I matched the leaves }}

Today was one of those days when you feel you are living out some delightful narrative:

“She ambled aimlessly down the colonial bricks that played hide and seek beneath a carpet of gold leaves that crunched in such a way as to evoke only the most happy memories, like the crunch of childhood cereal on a Saturday morning.”


Really, the light and color these days just takes your breath away, but in light, tiny gasps, so gently faded is everything. It’s like living in an Éric Rohmer film after he switched to color. It’s not a season for abruptness. That’s winter. Autumn is like your favorite pair of blue jeans, broken in just so. Makes me want to listen to obscene amounts of Vivaldi.

It really doesn’t take much to make me insanely content. Which, I take to be a good thing.

I’ve been listening to/writing about mounds of music over the last couple of months straight, and have decided to take a vacation the last couple of days (okay, confession: I’m listening to Cecilia Bartoli throwing some Salieri at me right now, alternating with some other woman dishing out Rameau, but it’s in the background…that’s way different). A vacation from music?? Yes. A lady cannot live by music alone. So, I’ve thrown my energies elsewhere – like the kitchen where I have been chopping, simmering, baking and roasting, or into the comfy chair shielded from the outside world with a big plaid comforter, a cup of café crème, and a book or two. Is there any greater felicity in the world than reading for sheer pleasure? How I adore the quiet life.

This afternoon, to push the vacation spirit over the cliff to plunge straight into pure bliss, I took myself out on a date for a fabulous lunch at Cafe Bonaparte. There, I enjoyed the “Normandy” sandwich (“marinated grilled chicken breast, sautéed mushrooms, lettuce tomatoes, onions, pesto mayo spread”) and topped it all off with their super delightful “Nutella espresso,” which basically involves coating the entire inside of your demitasse with Nutella so it sweetly kisses the espresso. Oh, and it’s all topped off with fresh whipped cream. It’s really the most perfect dessert ever invented: sweet, light, perks you up with the caffeine, cools you off with the cream. Okay, I have to stop myself or I will seriously go on for paragraphs talking about the perfection of simplicity in that little cup.


In sticking with my vacation from music motif, I give you a few little fun web finds that have nothing to do with music whatsoever, but will beautify and enrich your life (or so I believe) in other ways.

Enjoy these golden days.