most awesome item of the day

by pieces of moments

Rivers Cuomo covers Coldplay “Viva La Vida.”

Rivers obviously studied at the Richard Koufey school of dance. This is so awesome I can’t stand it. The only thing more awesome is that, apparently, if you pre-order the new Weezer album (“Raditude”) from their website you can choose from a standard blue Snuggie (an homage to the album of the same color, perhaps?) or a safari Snuggie. Amazing.

P.S. Did you see them on Letterman? Pat got to step out from the drum set and play the guitar! Also, smart move on their part to utilize Paul Shaffer and the Late Show orchestra. Those kids know their stuff (hello, some of the members are Juilliard and New England Conservatory trained) and too many bands don’t incorporate them like they should.