by pieces of moments

It’s inevitable, I guess, that as this year ending in ‘9’ draws to a close “best of the decade” lists begin to surface.

Currently Paste Magazine has up their picks for the 50 Best Albums of the Decade.

Personal points of interest on the list:

#50 Björk/Vespertine

#45 Radiohead/In Rainbows

#40 TV On The Radio/Return to Cookie Mountain

#34 O Brother Where Art Thou soundtrack

#32 The Flaming Lips/Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots

#29 Bon Iver: For Emma, Forever Ago

#26 Over The Rhine/Ohio

#25 Sigur Rós/Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust

#22 The Decemberists/The Crane Wife

#6 The White Stripes/Elephant

#5 Bright Eyes/I’m Wide Awake It’s Morning

#4 Radiohead/Kid A

#3 The Arcade Fire/Funeral

#1 Sufjan Stevens/Illinois

It’s an interesting line up, no? As with any list, you read it and interject your own “what!? seriously!?” along the way. I certainly had those moments (like #50 – seriously!? last spot!? Coldplay rates HIGHER!?!? No.Further.Comment).

Wonder what are your objections or agreements?