nerd alert

by pieces of moments

Okay, I’m warning you right now that this post is totally nerdy and pretty specific.

I was looking through the list of dissertations in musicology that are in progress right now, and I wanted to share some title highlights (names of the authors not included to spare their privacy) with you (my asides in italics).

Caveat: I do this with all due respect to the students who are working extremely hard on these papers. I have friends getting PhDs, so I know it’s hard, hard, work, and I salute each and every one of them (or you, if you’re PhDing it right now…bless your soul). But, just looking at the list of titles detached from the materials, well, you have to admit they are kinda funny out of context.

Titles, which, out of context are pretty hilarious:

  • The Flamenco Discourse (Yes, please)
  • Improvising Ambiguity (I did a lot of that when I worked retail…)
  • Music in Goa (I’m assuming this is a study on native music and not rave/trance/techno…thought that would be pretty awesome)
  • The Acoustics of the Recorder (Wow)
  • Music: An Etiological Approach (What does that even mean? “Etiological”…so…what causes music??)
  • An Annotated Bibliography of Unaccompanied Duets for One Trumpet and One Trombone (I’m just wondering how many pieces that can possibly be? No, I’m seriously curious…anyone know?)