it’s like that y’all

by pieces of moments


Okay. Halfway through the week. I have to admit to you that this week has been tough, even though it’s only three days old. You know, losing your job due to lack of funding just stinks, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Stupid economy.

I tell myself that I’m creative, can re-invent myself, that everything is going to be okay in the end, and honestly, I do believe that – I really do. But sometimes I don’t feel like I do. Some days (like today) I just get tired of staying strong, upbeat, and positive, and I only want to sink onto a couch and cry and cry, and have someone just simply say “I know, and I’m sorry that this is tough, but you’ve been brave, and you’ll be okay, I promise.” Sorry, I know that was depressing, but let’s get real here – this is hard. I’m not in the business of B.S., least of all when talking to myself. This is hard.

Why am I telling you this? I don’t know. Maybe I’m having a 130-days-without-a-job meltdown moment, or maybe I know that there are a lot of people working in the arts that suddenly found themselves without a job just like me. If that’s you, I guess I just want you to know that you aren’t alone, that I know, I understand, and that we’ll all get through it, and hopefully will have learned some super valuable life lessons from having the experience.

So, now, I’m going to do the only thing I know to do, which is draw a line through the last 48 hours, dust that dirt off my shoulder, and start fresh and new tomorrow. You should, too.

Okay, now that the true confessions are out of the way, let’s cure all ills with my favorite one-two punch smile medicine: the Beastie Boys & Weezer. Whenever the world is lookin’ blue, the Beasties and Weezer pull your spirit through (and yes, the Ch-Check It Out lyrics say “mutual of OMAHA.” uh-huh.)