oh, oh, oh!

by pieces of moments

I adore the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. They fit into that category “bands with three members rock.” I guess you could also kind of lump them in with the “bands that have some dudes and an Asian girl rock.” Okay, fine, she’s half-Asian. Regardless, they are an amazing band.

“She” is, of course, the fantastically exuberant Karen O. I love her performance style. How can you not? It’s like Mary Katherine Gallagher meets James Brown meets freakishly cool Brooklynite – all pulled together with a super charming, broad, smile. Refreshing, isn’t it, to see someone visibly enjoying themselves on stage?

Now, if you read this blog with any frequency at all you know I’m pretty pumped about Spike Jonze’s film adaptation of Where The Wild Things Are. Ready for it? Karen O did the soundtrack. (!)

Stereogum has it up for your early perusal. Enjoy!