nothing new under the sun

by pieces of moments

Beethoven’s music got pirated, too, kids…

New publications of Beethoven’s music continued to be issued at a very good rate, including editions of all of his major symphonic works, for which there was a smaller market than for piano sonatas and variations. In the years between 1803 and 1812 an average of almost eight separate new publications of his works appeared annually, from publishers in Vienna, Bonn, Leipzig, and Zürich. New editions, often pirated, of previously published works appeared in other countries. In England, half a dozen of Beethoven’s works were published prior to 1810; in that year, the composer-publisher Muzio Clementi issued thirteen works by Beethoven in London, including two concertos; the String Quartet in E-Flat, op. 74; the “choral Fantasia,” op. 80; a number of lieder, and several piano works. During this same period there were numerous unauthorized English reprints of his works.

{From Beethoven by Maynard Solomon}