postmodern era welcomes you

by pieces of moments


Okay, so if your surname is Prokofiev, and Thom Yorke has remixed your composition, and you happen to work with a pianist who is the great-great niece of Vladimir Horowitz, oh, and you recently premiered a concerto…for turntables, and are launching a new no-holds-barred record label on September 29th (fittingly titled “nonclassical”), well, it’s just downright fitting that your given name is Gabriel – heraldic, isn’t it?

Read this.

People are always wondering what will be the next great revolution in music. I’m still stumped by this question (maybe you have an idea? do tell!). So, don’t look at me if you want an answer to that. Sorry, that was anticlimactic, wasn’t it…

But, one thing that does pop up in my mind when pondering where music is going, especially new “classical” music,  is Lyotard’s (in)famous definition of the “postmodern condition”: incredulity toward metanarratives.

Maybe everyone is just kinda incredulous, but still, in a weird way, faithful to the musical dialect of past composers.

It’s kind of like the music “at the still point of the turning world.” The past, the present, and the future all colliding between the staff lines, reverberating between the hemidemisemiquavers.

Okay, that’s all.