Winding Up To Chopin @ 200

by pieces of moments

Freddy C

Well, next year is 200th anniversary of Chopin’s birth. So, articles and rumblings of documentaries are beginning to surface. I know that my friend James Rhodes (whose CD you really need to purchase, it’s on itunes) just finished wrapping an awesome film with the BBC on Chopin. That lucky ducky got to see all sorts of things (including his heart) following Chopin’s trail from Poland to France . There’s a pretty decent article over at the NY Times right now on Chopin in Poland (his homeland, as if you didn’t know). Be sure to look at the photographs.

Like many pianists, I absolutely adore playing Chopin. In high school I spent hours reading his letters (elegantly, and amusingly written). His music just fits under the fingers so beautifully, being a pianist himself. In fact, my favorite three bars of music ever are Chopin (50-52) from his Ballade No. 4 in F Minor (3:09-3:15 on the clock of “part 1” below if you care to find out, and bottom of page two to top of page three if you are really obsessive – just click the disclaimer to launch the file download).

I need a t-shirt with his face on it or something.

And now, because one cannot possibly get enough Krystian Zimerman, here he is (again) performing the music of his countryman, Chopin (those Poles really corner the music market, don’t they?…that was for you, Mark šŸ˜‰ ).

Part 1

Part 2