fun fact for the day

by pieces of moments


{thanks to the Chicago Symphony Orchestra website for this photo of a 5th symphony excerpt}

You know “classical” concerts weren’t always constructed as they are now (usually short-ish kickoff piece, followed by concerto, then intermission, with a final symphonic piece of some sort or another). At the premiere of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony, this is what was on the menu for the evening. I mean, hey, if you couldn’t turn on your mp3 and enjoy music at will, you would want a program that long and varied, too. You know you would.

The Sixth Symphony

Aria: “Ah, perfido”, Op. 65

The Gloria movement of the Mass in C Major

The Fourth Piano Concerto (pianist: Beethoven)


The Fifth Symphony

The Sanctus and Benedictus movements of the C Major Mass

A solo piano improvisation by Beethoven

The Choral Fantasy