who knew?

by pieces of moments

I’m prejudiced against Franz Liszt. I think I have made that pretty clear on this little patch of internet on which I type.

Okay, so I’m going through some Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau (how much does he ROCK???) recordings that I own and finally decided to bother listening to the Liszt song “Es Muss Ein Wunderbares Sein” and was promptly blown away within the first 30 seconds. Right!?

There is a moment (not as clear on this youtube version, but you’ll get the idea) that begins at 00:24 and goes to 00:28 (that’s right…4 seconds) that is the most perfect dissonance I think I have ever heard from Franz Liszt – ever. The real beauty is between 00:26-00:27 when the voice moves up the half-step rubbing against the accompaniment until it, too, moves up to resolve the chord. It’s just heaven. It’s like that exquisite tension your senses experience when your hand accidentally brushes the hand of your ultimate crush. Sigh.

You’re not out of my dog house yet, Franz Liszt…but you just keep working on it. You’re getting somewhere.