thank you, allan kozinn

by pieces of moments

So I am taking a break from my work and clicking through the various articles in the Times and come upon this opening paragraph from an article on Jeremy Denk’s recent recital at the Highline Ballroom:

If classical music is dying, as we’ve been hearing for years, why are so many rock clubs suddenly presenting it? And why are so many people, with the young outnumbering the old, coming to hear it?

THANK YOU, ALLAN KOZINN. Preach it. Seriously, people, it’s not DYING – it’s REINCARNATING. The problem with the people who feel it is dying is they want to hold on to the old school ways of doing things. They are staring in one direction whilst the world turns. Turn your heads, people! Look around! The times they are a changin’ so stay back and complain about it or bring your history with you into the now.

Phew. Okay, calming down.

Honestly, I feel like we’re just living through the early 19th century all over again (hello Mr. Schumann, yes, I am a Kenner, too). I’ll explain more soon on that aside soon, but for now it’s back to work.

Full review by Kozinn here.