schola logicae

by pieces of moments


When I was a kid our family subscribed to National Geographic. We also got all those awesome and huge “Our Universe” and “Our World” books (remember those?) and tons of glossy hardback books on a variety of topics that I would devour as my penchant for collecting useless facts is a habit I cultivated way back when.

I loved flipping through those golden tickets to ride. I always glossed over the pictures of spiders or deep sea animals (just a little creepy all up in your face like that), but one day I came across a feature on Oxford University with a photograph of Tom Quad and some student running around it clutching his notebook with his big floppy 1980-something sweater rumpling in the wake of his motion. I don’t know how many times I looked at that photograph, but it was a lot more than you would think. I decided one day I was going to go there and see that myself. And, I did.


Confession: I wouldn’t trade my conservatory education, but I always had a secret wish to be a student at Oxford University studying English literature or philosophy. My sun drenched tropical Asian side may always gravitate toward surf and turf, but my pale rainy Scottish/English side sees the United Kingdom and seems to resonate with some past remembrance of being there a very long time ago. Something about it just gets to me, you know? And well, it’s a no-brainer that my academic side just trembles in waves of rapturous delight at the thought of tutorials! No kidding, I’m a nerd.

So here’s the deal. Now, thanks to itunes university you can kinda go to Oxford University. Off you go, now.