by pieces of moments

Speaking in extremely general terms, America is a Maximum kinda place. People like things to the Max. I have always had minimalist tendencies.I prefer solids or simple stripes to patterns. I like my veggies adorned only with olive oil, salt, and pepper. Mark Bittman is my kitchen hero. I love minimalist music (big “duh”).

That’s my (former) professor and Chair of the New England Conservatory piano department, Bruce Brubaker, in that video there. Isn’t that an amazing piece? Love it.

I think I’ve mentioned it before, but seriously if I could live in a Philip Johnson Glass House (mmm…maybe with half opaque glass for my version) I would be a happy camper. Well, mostly. Is there a way to make a hybrid of the Glass House and an English manor house?

A small way to satisfy my minimalist aspirations is through Muji. I LOVE MUJI. I want my house to be an artful mix of Muji, antiques, and Anthropologie. It’s so extreme in its minimalism it literally inspires my breath to catch a little bit in excitement. I know, it doesn’t take much. But then again, that’s the beauty of loving the simple, isn’t it?