double feature

by pieces of moments

This video is hilarious. It appears that the Borders people were like “Awesome! We have cool people here signing autographs anyway, so let’s make them walk around and talk about stuff they like whilst we film them! That won’t be a little awkward at all!”

But seriously, two of my favorite people shopping for music and movies?! Wes Anderson made one of my favorite movies ever – The Royal Tenenbaums. I used to joke about marrying Jason Schwartzman. Okay, “joke.” [aside: but seriously, Jason, congrats on your recent marriage! But we can still be literature buddies…I love Proust, too…call if you wanna discuss]

Of course Wes and Jason (as I’m sure you hep peeps already know) have worked together, with Rushmore and The Darjeeling Limited, but coming up there’s The Fantastic Mr. Fox.

Oh, and Jason has released a couple of great CDs, too, under the name Coconut Records (before going solo he was the drummer for Phantom Planet, the band that produced the song Meymot and I like to blast when driving down the 101, cheesy, I know). Download them on itunes. Yup, that was a command because you’ll thank me later.