vitamin w

by pieces of moments

So, I have a case of the multiple impending deadlines. That means I’m staying hydrated. I have this habit of working surrounded by liquids, happens when I’m writing or practicing. Currently we’ve got water (ramped up with Emergen-C), green tea, and milk. Yup.

You know what always makes me feel better no matter what?

  1. Glenn Miller’s “In The Mood” because it reminds me of riding around with my grandfather in his awesome “fun” car – a vintage yellow mustang convertible with Glenn Miller blasting from the stereo as we rode around town
  2. Anything from Weezer (but esp. the Blue Album…though Pinkerton is my personal favorite all around) because it’s just freakin’ awesome.

So, check it out.

Weezer+Radiohead cover+LUCKY-DUCKY-PEOPLE-WHO-GET-TO-PLAY-WITH-WEEZER [!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!] = cure!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

(um, you know they also have a new single out…right?)