how about some girl talk at the pool?

by pieces of moments

Okay, so this is going to sound cheesy, or more like “DUH,” but I love New York. So does my friend Meg. We were sitting in the park a few days ago, getting tan and eating lunch, when I confessed to her that my heart broke a little standing in the Starbucks while Frank Sinatra told me to start spreadin’ the news. She nodded in solemn agreement and noted that the song “New York State of Mind” nearly drives her to such desperate measures as the Greyhound (I know, right?), if that was the most immediate source available.

So, what better to do on a Friday than to think to yourself “why am I not on a bus to the city right now?” especially when – hello – Girl Talk is playing at the POOL PARTIES!? Music + Pool. That’s like peanut butter + jelly, or butter + popcorn, or chips + salsa, right there. And next week? Grizzly Bear! I heart Grizzly Bear! Geez! Just look at this calendar! Fair warning: looking at past dates may result in depression for what you missed.

Hello…Bolt Bus?

Oh, and you might remember from the cold hearted days of January how I told you my friend Larry saw Girl Talk. I mean, what about that picture doesn’t say party?


Also, if you’re lookin’ for something to balance out your pool party lifestyle, they are having an awesome sale on tickets over at the New York Philharmonic this week and online only! I know you’re broadly cultured and all that, so go check it out.