Terra Larynx

by pieces of moments

If you’re lucky enough to be in New York City this evening head straight over to National Museum of the American Indian – Smithsonian Institution to hear a 6PM concert by the amazing Inuit throat singer Tagaq. You might know her from her contribution to Björk’s 5th studio album, Medúlla. Recently she collaborated with the brilliantly nervy Kronos Quartet:

If you don’t know much about Inuit throat singing below are a couple of videos that provide great examples. What Tagaq does is a kind of artistic interpretation, not to say that it isn’t legit throat singing – it is – but traditionally performed it takes two people (usually women) facing each other about the length of a forearm away. The proximity aids in using each other’s bodies as resonance chambers. It’s a rhythmic game. The object is to keep going, at times speeding up, until one person laughs or cannot continue.  Pretty phenomenal stuff.

1) Tagaq explaining throat singing

2) traditional throat singing example