and now for something completely different

by pieces of moments

Taking a break from multiple deadlines to check out a movie I can’t wait to see, The September Issue. I love fashion. As long as I can remember I derived great pleasure out of putting a creative eye toward clothing. It’s the most immediate way you can tell the world something about yourself (and I, for one, would rather not  have a flashing sign over my head screaming “boring: totally normal and utterly lacking in imagination”).

It’s kind of wearable art, no?

Everyone interested in fashion knows that Vogue is the Bible of fashion. It is also widely agreed upon that Anna Wintour is something like its high priestess, or at very least a Sybil. My own fascination with Ms. Wintour extends to her breathtaking work ethic, direct manner, and killer instinct (Morley Safer once intimated she’s like “peaches and cream…with a touch of arsenic”). She demands exceptional work and settles for nothing less from herself, her team of editors, or designers. Take her response to the question “what bores you?”

Mediocrity. If you see a collection that is…you feel a designer has been lazy or taking inspiration from other designers, it doesn’t so much as bore me as anger me.

The same rings true in my field of music. Whether it be listening to mounds of recorded or live auditions, or examining cds from a plethora of soloists, orchestras, ensembles, or bands, the worst, worst, worst, thing is mediocrity. I hear ya, Anna. I refuse to waste my time listening to a person or group that is merely recycling what someone else is doing, or (worse) did 10 years ago. Show me something new, from a unique perspective with an unequivocally distinct stylistic stamp – or go home.

Watching this documentary will be kinda like watching a tremendously rare bird in its natural habitat.