Where Fashion Meets Dvorak

by pieces of moments

This morning I was sitting in a bakery/cafe watching the District natives rush off to work and all the tourists stumble around, noses buried in maps. Melting ice was slowly making my iced coffee less potent. My hands were clasped about my journal but my mind was too tired and too much the wanderer to focus such broadness into little squiggles on the page. So, I let my mind do what it does best – drift off on a breeze of imagination.

After some time the Piano Quintet in A Major (Op. 81) by Antonín Dvořák started wafting through the speakers (thanks to WETA!).



The above words surfaced in my consciousness. I needed to make a yellow bead necklace juxtaposed with a segment of yellow silk taken from the leftover fabric of a re-design I did of a favorite dress one day when I was bored and in need of a new outfit. The yellow silk had to be ripped, ruffled, raw-edged, and ruched.

One stop at the bead store and an hour sewing, gathering, and stringing later (I wonder if this is the first accessory design directly inspired by a piece of music?):