photo/instrument of the day

by pieces of moments

From their website. The title there reads “Thom and Jonny and Drew in Ondes.”


{photo by ?, originates here}

Anyone got a spare Ondes Martenot around they want to give to me? I love those instruments. The sonic landscape of the instrument is astounding in its variety. For a great little intro, check this out:

I’ve heard a rumour that Oliver Messiaen’s TurangalĂ®la Symphonie is Jonny’s favorite (it features the Ondes). That work, interestingly enough, was commissioned by Serge Koussevitzky for the Boston Symphony Orchestra, and was premiered in 1949 in Boston with Lenny Bernstein at the podium. You might wanna sit down if you’ve never heard this before. I think you’re going to enter into a land you didn’t know existed.