Lake Street Dive

by pieces of moments

It’s August, the fraternal twin month of February, just on the other (much happier) end of the thermometer. The cities thin out, the beaches and vacation towns swell. Everyone feels a little like a balloon floating around on the summer breeze; it’s colorful, pleasant, and bright, but also a tad bit sad since you know it’s all going to pop and you’ll drop just like the temperature.

It’s a restless month. So, you might as well fire up the old itunes account and get some fresh tunes pumping through those stale earphones of yours.

I have a suggestion (ah, you knew I would): Lake Street Dive.

Lake Street Dive met at New England Conservatory. I was their TA  in their sophomore year Baroque music survey seminar taught by my own beloved professor (and renowned American composer) Dr. Daniel Pinkham. The Boston Phoenix published a great little review of them this past April, astutely observing Mike Olson as an “ever the conceptually ambitious NEC kid” for formulating the stylistic idea of the group. I have to say, there is no such thing as a perfect college, university, or conservatory of music, but part of the reason I loved NEC was that overarching drive toward the “conceptually ambitious” that is somehow woven into the fabric of the place. When that quality meets the right corresponding resonance in a student (or group), it comes out in the most brilliant ways. (And no, I’m not getting paid for that plug.)

I won’t go into attempting to describe their sound or anything, I leave that to you to decipher for yourself. Enjoy the process of listening.

Both of their albums are available for purchase on itunes (simply search “Lake Street Dive).