by pieces of moments

One day, when I actually have a house of my own again (lots of traveling/shifting around lately), I want to finally get a vintage typewriter. I love typewriters. Yes, I send this off to you on my trusty laptop, but this sleek machine just doesn’t have the charm of a colorful hunk of keys and ribbons that clicks and clacks in response to your every linguistic notion. One of my favorite things to do as a kid was to type up funny little things on the old school typewriter we had around the house – I loved the sound of the carriage return (complete with bell), and the “whoosh” the paper made when it was pulled out.

I mean, how cute is this one? Of course, it’s not Smith Corona. I suppose if I was to be truthful I’d have to confess to you that I want one just like Paul Varjak’s in the movie Breakfast At Tiffany’s (which is a Smith Corona…right?). One of the best things about Cambridge, MA is that there is a great typewriter shop in town to keep your machine in glowing order.

Additionally, Boston is the home to the Boston Typewriter Orchestra. My friend Maggie’s boyfriend, Tim Devin, started the group (he’s no longer performing with them as he’s busy with a ton of other awesome projects…which you should check out here on his website). Great idea, right?