by pieces of moments

  • Had brunch today with my friend Danielle. We were classmates at New England Conservatory. Straight after school she was awarded a Fulbright to study in Spain and remained there longer than she expected, but only because many fabulous performance opportunities came her way. It was super great to catch up with her and talk about what we do – music.
  • Saw the movie Julie and Julia, and guess what? It’s totally lovely! It’s like a love letter to successful marriages, following your passion, and food. Appropriately enough, I actually did have an errand to run at Dean & Deluca afterward (is there anything better than a food market that pipes Bach through the audio and offers a personal shopper?). I pat myself on the back for displaying restraint in not purchasing everything in the store. That movie makes you buy a grocery store so you can run home and cook everything!
  • Been listening to a bunch of recordings of Rachmaninoff lately. No, not his pieces, his own performances. My grandmother (a wonderful pianist herself) saw Rachmaninoff play when she was young. I have always envied that fact. How amazing would it be to say that you attended the concert of a legend of that scale?
  • I love listening to the pianists of the last generation. Just something about the way they heard sound and interpreted it that was more…carefree maybe? Hard to put into words, that sound. Maybe like, they were less bound by time and the idea of ultimate performance perfection? I really do think that recordings (as great as they are to have around) have changed the way we listen, and I’m not sure it’s always for the best. Maybe I should amend my statement by specifying editing: the ability to edit a recording has forever changed the way we listen, and I’m not sure it’s for the best.
  • I recently purchased the 1951 recording of Solomon (one of the few one-name-stars of the “classical” music world) performing my favorite Beethoven sonata, the Op. 111.
  • Was reminded yet again of how Danny Barenboim is a rock star. I love when talk moves toward the topic of bending time around. (The pianist in the masterclass with Danny B is David Kadouch…in case you wanna know.)