picture from the field…literally

by pieces of moments

My friends Victor and Rebecca went to see Paul McCartney play in Fenway the other night (well, the other two nights, to be technically correct). Thought you might like to see what they saw, so the picture below was snapped by Rebecca.

Two things:

  1. The opening act was MGMT. What??? I mean, I like MGMT as much as the hipster kid, but seriously? For Sir Paul McCartney?
  2. Fenway, Fenway, Fenway. Now, I am so not experienced at massive stadium concerts like this. I hate huge crowds  (it has to be someone or some band I really, really, love to brave thousands of people) so maybe this is typical and I just am not aware? Look at all that space! I mean, okay, I get it, Fenway is holy ground and all that jazz and we can’t mess up the grass. But I don’t know how I would feel about going to a concert only to be totally distanced from the action. This is why I prefer small concert halls.


{Photo Credit: Rebecca Fagan}