(500) Days Of Summer

by pieces of moments

I love seeing movies by myself. There’s just something about going in the middle of the afternoon into a large, dark, cool space, not having to speak a word to anyone, and then entering into another dimension for a couple of hours. It’s enveloping, kinda the same feeling I get alone with my piano.

This afternoon I went to see (500) Days of Summer. I’ve been looking forward to seeing it for months now (everyone advertises movies so far ahead of the release date these days, kinda drives me insane), and it totally did not disappoint. In fact, it went beyond my expectations.

One of my cousins asked me “what’s it about?” Initially I had a hard time trying to think of how words can bundle up the events of the relationship (or lack thereof) between Summer and Tom, but after contemplating it for several minutes I think the answer is as follows: it’s about the space between two different expectations where the truth quietly hides, waiting to surprise with a richness of soul. In other words, each character thinks they know the truth about love. Each character is wrong. The truth lays where the two contrasting expectations cross, and is something neither expect. The 500 days are steps of the journey we take with them to finding out that the realities of truthful love actually far outweigh even the best expectations, because it’s real. What makes the movie even better is the subject matter is dealt with humour and movie charm but is poignant and bittersweet, too, much like the reality of life that it so perfectly depicts.

Oh, and as mentioned previously, yes, the soundtrack is amazing. So much so, I bought it on the way to dinner with Meg and Ryan tonight (which involved Malbec, Lambic Pêche [my favorite!] some killer pork tenderloins marinated overnight with garlic and herbs topped with a delicious reduction sauce, potatoes and fresh asparagus, fresh cherries with roasted caramelized pecans on mini toasts smeared with Humboldt Fog cheese [my favorite cheese!] to start, and more fresh cherries with ice cream, caramel/chocolate sauce to finish…yeah…we know how to cook legit).

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