obligatory post

by pieces of moments


{Photo Credit: Mike Vogl/European Pressphoto Agency}

Well, *insert big exhale*, they found some more possible Mozart. Possibly written by him around age 7-8, but probably dictated by his father. Possibly provides new and exciting material to link his very, very, early works with his very early works, which probably likely helps with links between his very early works and early works.


If you can’t read between the lines let me spell it out for you: I COULD CARE LESS. I’m on Team Glenn Gould when it comes to views on Mozart (“Mozart died too late rather than too early”). No, I don’t hate all Mozart, you can relax, but I certainly think the world could use less Mozart and not more. The stuff kinda makes me yawn after a while.

Aside: Does that make me a bad musicologist? Can they revoke my license to practice this nerdy art for saying something like that against one of the Fathers of the Classical Music Era? Whatevs. Resume.

But, in case you are curious, I feel it’s my job to let you know. So, off you go, click click here to see the article in the New York Times. Yeah, yeah, I skimmed it. Obligatory skim. Obligatory post.